Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and shade canopies for homes or businesses will shade windows, doors, patios and entranceways, protecting them from the sun and rain. Residential awnings and commercial awnings help to reduce fading of furniture and carpets near doors and windows, and lower cooling costs.

Outdoors, a large awning or shade canopy will make any building seem larger while creating a comfortable outdoor seating area, protected from sun and rain.

Residential Awnings

Residential awnings over doors and windows can create a modern or classic appearance on an otherwise plain home, adding style and color while providing some shade.

Back yard pool and patio shade canopies are a great way to enjoy your property more during uncomfortably warm weather or rain showers.

Don't be driven inside by the weather! Create a nicer space outdoors with a patio awning or shade canopy!

Commercial and Business Awnings

This attractive red awning provides shade and rain protection.

This attractive red door awning provides shade and rain protection, and makes the entranceway seem warm and inviting.

Commercial business awnings help to establish your business's identity. As the most visible portion of your office or store front, your awning is the face of your business, and you want that face to be easily recognized and to convey the mood and style of the business to your customers.

A storefront awning provides shade and protection from rain or snow out on the sidewalk, creating a more pleasant environment where passing customers are more likely to pause and do a little window shopping.

An entranceway canopy can keep your customers comfortably protected from sun or rain while entering or leaving your establishment, and can help keep water and mud outside where it belongs. Commercial window awnings protect your valuable merchandise from fading in the sun when displayed in a window.

Choosing the Right Awning

Whether for residential or commercial use, it is important to choose an awning that is well-constructed and made from high-grade materials. High quality commercial awning fabric will last longer and maintain a good appearance for more of its life, so choose carefully. Pay attention to the duration of the fabric warranty and the quality of metal frames and the associated parts. A good quality aluminum or aluminum alloy awning frame does not do you much good if the attachment hardware fails, and saving money on a cheaper awning canopy fabric may result in a faded and frayed awning in a couple of years.

Good quality multi-layered UV resistant awning fabric can last as long as ten years if properly constructed.

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning or roll-up awning can be a great solution if you sometimes want shade or protection from rain, but other times want the warmth and light of the sun. Large shade awnings and canopies can be damaged or torn off by high winds. For many homes or businesses, a retractable awning solves these problems. It is there when you want it, but can be put away safely when it is not wanted, or when it may be in danger from severe weather. Some retractable awnings have a mechanism for retracting automatically in high winds, while others must be manually retracted.

Awning Care and Cleaning

A commercial or residential awning must be properly cleaned and protected if it is to last a long time and maintain a good appearance. Awning care and cleaning is usually best left to commercial awning cleaning services, who know the cleaning products to use (and avoid) for each type of awning fabric, whether canvas, acrylic, or vinyl. Professional awning cleaners also know how to properly use steam cleaners, power washers, or just brushes to remove accumulated dirt or stains without damaging your awning. Once cleaned, an awning should be coated with a good quality fabric or vinyl protective coating such as 303 Fabric Guard or 303 Vinyl Protectant to maintain waterproof qualities and protect the awning from damaging UV light from the sun.

Before you buy door and window awnings for your home or business, check out the information here on Commercial and residential fixed or retractable awnings are not all created equal, and it pays to research the products and awning installation companies before you purchase an awning or shadecanopy for your home or business.

Awnings from Amazon


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Outsunny 116" Manual Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning - Green

List Price: $143.39
Lowest New Price: $139.99
You save: $3.40 (2.37%)

  • 2 New from $139.99
  • With sturdy aluminum and steel frame, this patio awning is ideal for creating shade. The reinforced frame and waterproof polyester fabrics make the awning superior in material and excellent in workmanship. It can be easily mounted on the wall with the included accessories. Our  ... read more »
  • Aluminum and steel frame make this awning superior in strength and excellent in workmanship
  • 280g/㎡ polyester fabrics with PU waterproof coating make the awning durable and protect from rain
  • Protect your home from sun's damaging UV rays
  • Easily adjustable to meet your sun or shade needs
  • Made by Outsunny


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Yescom 39"x 39" Patio Door Window Awning Canopy Cover UV Rain Snow Protection One-piece Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

List Price: $59.95
Lowest New Price: $59.94
You save: $0.01 (0.02%)

  • 5 New from $59.94
  • Features: - Polycarbonate sheets can easily be trimmed to your required width- Designed for rain and light snow- Can be used for residential and commercial applications- Awnings have good weather resistance, safe, easy and ready to install- Mounting hardware is included- One- ... read more »
  • High quality door awning, 39-3/8" x 39-3/8" x 11", designed for rain and light snow
  • 1/5"(5mm) clear hollow polycarbonate sheet, UV protection and strong plastic alloy brackets
  • Awnings have good weather resistance, safe, easy and ready to install
  • DIY awning kit, can be installed multiple awnings for wider coverage, easily operate
  • Can be used for residential or commercial applications
  • Size: 1mx1m(39-3/8"x39-3/8")
  • Made by Yescom


More Info

13'w x10'd Outdoor Patio Cover Yard Awning Retractable Sun Shade Shelter STRONG Color Tan

Price: $275.00

  • 1 New from $275.00
  • Get a better-quality product more affordably with Sequoia Awnings! Examine the comparisons between our awnings and that of our competitors in the photo gallery. Invest in a longer-lasting and safer awning to shade your home for years to come. This product has a manual crank to  ... read more »
  • Awning Patio Cover Sun Shade Waterproof Strong Outdoors Backyard
  • Made by UB World Inc.


More Info

Palram Lyra 1350 Window & Door Awning, 4' L x 3' W x 6" H - White/Frost

Price: $165.20

  • 7 New from $165.20
  • 2 Used from $84.87
  • Protect your windows and doors from inclement weather with the modern design of the Lyra 1350. Built to fend off snow, rain and hail, the single roof panel of the Lyra 1350 is made with Palram's market leading twin-wall polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable and 100% UV  ... read more »
  • 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panel - virtually unbreakable and 100% UV protected
  • Front and back aluminum protective edges for panel protection
  • Durable, white powder coated, galvanized steel support arms
  • Integrates with your home design and outdoor environment
  • Easy DIY assembly Kit- Includes installation hardware
  • Size: 4' L x 3' W x 6" H
  • Made by Palram


More Info

Outsunny Aluminum Framed Translucent Patio Cover - 10' x 15'

List Price: $999.99
Lowest New Price: $1,599.99
You save: $998.99 (99.9%)

  • 1 New from $1,599.99
  • Size:10' x 15'This stylish and solid patio cover is an excellent way to protect yourself and your patio from the outdoor elements. It’s affordable, easy to install and offers complete UV protection while still allowing light to shine through.Features:- Polycarbonate roof panels ... read more »
  • ✔ UNBEATABLY SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Polycarbonate material offers unbeatably solid construction that won't break or shatter like glass.
  • ✔ 100% UV PROTECTION: Clear polycarbonate provides 100% UV protection from the sun's harmful rays while still allowing light to shine through.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The Outsunny patio cover adjusts to match your own deck or patio making it easy to fit it into your existing outdoor space.
  • ✔ BUILT IN GUTTERS: Built in rain gutters in an advanced design help drain water away and protect your cover from the rain.
  • ✔ DURABLE FRAME: The powder coated aluminum frame is rust resistant and easy to clean ensuring the life of your patio cover for years to come.
  • Size: 10' x 15'
  • Made by Outsunny


More Info

Outsunny Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning, 8-Feet x 7-Feet, Green

List Price: $148.99
Lowest New Price: $139.99
You save: $9.00 (6.04%)

  • 2 New from $139.99
  • This 8' x 7' Retractable Awning is the perfect choice for anyone in the market for a manually operated retractable awning. Since it requires no electricity you can hang this awning anywhere you need it, without having to worry about cords, outlets, or batteries. The long 63" hand ... read more »
  • Quick, quiet, and smooth open and retracting of the awning
  • Easy installation for most installation cases
  • Great way to create shade during sunny days
  • Requires no electricity
  • Case width: 98 7/8"
  • Size: 8 x 7-Feet
  • Made by Outsunny


More Info

Awntech 3-Feet Dallas Retro Awning, 31 by 24-Inch, Black

List Price: $173.39
Lowest New Price: $150.54
You save: $22.85 (13.18%)

  • 2 New from $150.54
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • The DALLAS RETRO open-sided slope awning is a Beauty-Mark Brand by Awntech. The price and simplicity of the Retro makes it a versatile awning for all architectural styles. But don't be fooled by the price & simplicity. The Dallas Retro. has a full load-bearing frame underneath  ... read more »
  • An elegant open ended slope awning, engineered for heavy wind and snow loads
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Aluminum frame, easy to assemble and install
  • 100% solution dyed and rust, fade and mildew resistant acrylic fabric
  • 5 Year limited warranty
  • Made by Awntech


More Info

F2C 2pcs 1mx2m DIY Outdoor Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Window Awning Patio glassy Cover Canopy (2pcs)

List Price: $219.99
Lowest New Price: $118.99
You save: $101.00 (45.91%)

  • 1 New from $118.99
  • Package Included: two sets of 40"X80" awingsone set includes 3 brackets;2pcs hollow sheet;4 sets fixing bar ;6 installing screw and some small bolts Please note: Dimension of this awning is: 40"*80", that's 200*100cm or 6.5'×3.2'. Max height of bracket is 11.02". Warranty  ... read more »
  • Awning dimensions: 200*100cm Whole:Size: 80''(L)X40''(W)X11.02''(H);
  • 5mm Polycarbonate awning cover;
  • Specifically designed to resist weathering and rusting;
  • Install multiple awnings for wider coverage;
  • Includes all assembly accessories.
  • Made by F2C


More Info

Outsunny 32" x 40" Acrylic Glass Exterior Door Awning - Clear

List Price: $78.41
Lowest New Price: $72.99
You save: $5.42 (6.91%)

  • 2 New from $72.99
  • Block unwanted weather and most harmful UV rays while adding a stylish look to doors, windows and store fronts with our Outsunny Acrylic Glass Patio Door Awning. The durable acrylic glass and galvanized metal material resists corrosion and aging making it ideal for both  ... read more »
  • ✔ STYLISH LOOK: Add instant style and elegance to any outdoor setting with this sleek, contemporary look perfect for door, windows and storefronts.
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY: Our high quality awning is made with durable acrylic glass and galvanized metal material that resists corrosion and aging.
  • ✔ WEATHER RESISTANT: This UV protection awning is great for any window or door, designed for rain and light snow. It also protects from harmful UV rays.
  • ✔ EXCELLENT DESIGN: The stylish and sleek design is great for both residential and commercial usage.
  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL: This DIY awning kit comes with mounting hardware and is ready to install over any window or door. More than one can be installed side by side for larger coverage.
  • Size: 32" x 40"
  • Made by Outsunny


More Info

ALEKO 13x10 Feet Retractable Awning, Sand Color (4m x 3m)

List Price: $348.98
Lowest New Price: $269.99
You save: $78.99 (22.63%)

  • 2 New from $269.99
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • ALEKO® awning is the first choice of most home owners who choose a manually-operated awning model, because for just low cost extends out a full 10 ft. from your house, giving you up to 130 square feet more coverage and protection! This model requires no electricity. It opens and ... read more »
  • Requires no electricity
  • Opens and closes easily in less than a minute
  • Excellent sun and rain protection. Terrific value!
  • Weight: 110 lb
  • Awning dimensions: 13 x 10 Feet. Fabric Dimensions:12.75 x 9.7 Feet.
  • Made by ALEKO
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