Awnings and Canopies For Your Home

Green window awnings

A patio awning provides protection from the sun and rain, allowing you to enjoy your backyard even during the heat of the summer, or when it rains.

Window and door awnings and other residential awnings can greatly enhance the appearance of your home while protecting you and your home from damaging sunlight and rain. There are a wide variety of materials and styles available, from fixed metal or fiberglass awnings to vinyl or acrylic awnings on aluminum, alloy, or steel frames, to retractable awnings and large deck, porch or patio canopy awnings.

Window awnings are the most commonly found awnings on homes, and come in a mind-boggling array of colors, shapes, and materials. How do you choose the right awning for your home? Consider both the practical use of the awning, and how it will enhance the appearance of your home.

Practical Considerations When Planning Your Awnings

Fixed aluminum awnings are the most durable, with products like Alumawood, which has a simulated wood grain finish and will last for many years in the sun and rain. Bahama shutters made of metal or fiberglass are practically indestructible and virtually maintenance free. Fabric awnings on frames will fade and deteriorate in the sun, but some high quality, multi-layered vinyl or acrylic fabrics can last for up to ten years, depending on sun exposure and well the homeowner cleans and cares for the awnings.

Retractable awnings are a great choice for people who live in areas with high winds, which can damage or destroy awnings, or for those who do not want an awning in a certain location at all times. Retractable awnings only let in the sunlight when you want them to, and are safely rolled up and put away during strong wind storms or hurricanes.

For window and door awning options, consider what you want the awning to accomplish. Larger awnings that project far from the building will provide more shade, and will enable you to leave windows and doors open during rain without getting water in the house. A smaller awning that does not project very far out may sometimes look better, but may not do the job you want an awning to do. Sunlight entering your home will fade carpets and furniture over time, and an awning which extends out from exposed windows and doors can block the sunlight, preserving the interior of your home and lowering cooling costs.

Awnings made of canvas or vinyl are generally less expensive than solution dyed multilayer heavy duty acrylic awnings, and will not last as long. If you already have an awning, but the fabric is deteriorating, you might want to consider a lace-on replacement cover. Lace-on re-covers of an existing awning frame are less expensive than replacing the whole awning.

Green window awnings

These stylish green window awnings are designed to complement the small overhang above the windows.

Specialty Awnings for Homes With Low Roof Eaves and Overhangs

Some homes do not have room for a traditional style awning due to low roof eaves and overhangs, but there are specialty awnings made just for those situations. Awnings for low eaves and overhangs have different mounting hardware and a different projection angle from the roof to allow them to hang beneath low roof eaves, gutters, or other interfering structures.

Mesh Awnings and Partial Shade Awnings

Sometimes you do not want to block all of the sunlight, or maybe you want some shade, but don't wish to block the rain. A greenhouse lattice cover would be a possible option, but there are also solarium awnings, partial shade awnings, and even clear polycarbonate awnings that let in light, but block some or all of the sun's damaging UV radiation.

Pool and patio shade awnings can have sections made from Textilene, a sunlight-resistant coarse mesh fabric which blocks a great deal of light, but allows airflow. Retractable pool and patio awnings provide excellent flexibility, allowing a warm, sunny pool or patio deck in the cooler months, but providing needed shade and protection from rain in warm weather.

Clear fiberglass greenhouse type panels or clear polycarbonate panels can make a great awning, letting in some light while blocking out UV rays and rain.

Planning Your Awning Appearance and Style

Fabric covered awnings are often more attractive and colorful, with valance edges in various styles and spear awning supports or concave or convex metal frames. Some awning companies have adopted 3D computer model planning, or use sketches and overlays, to show you how different awning shapes and colors might look on your home, and how the awning and valance color will complement the color scheme of your home and trim. Little changes can make a big difference in the appearance of your home and the awning you buy.

Maintaining Your Awning

To prolong the life of awning fabric, it should be kept clean and occasionally treated with waterproof fabric or vinyl protectant products such as 303.

Awnings from Amazon


More Info

Best Choice Products Patio Manual Patio 8.2'x6.5' Retractable Deck Awning Sunshade Shelter Canopy Beige

Price: $144.94

  • 4 New from $144.94
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new Beige Awning. This beige awning is beautifully crafted with a white powder-coated aluminum frame & water-resistant polyester. This ensures the awning will be durable & keep UV rays from your eyes or skin. Create shade by  ... read more »
  • Beige awning is beautifully crafted with white powder-coated aluminum frame
  • UV & Water-resistant polyester cover
  • Create shade by extending the cover with the included reel pole; Install awning to a concrete wall or solid surface
  • Opened Dimensions: 98.5"(L) x 80"(W) x 6.5"(H); Closed Dimensions: 98.5"(L) x 5.5"(W) x 6.5"(H)
  • Size: Large
  • Made by Best Choice Products


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CO-Z Manual Patio Shade Retractable Deck Awning Sun Shade Shelter Canopy (10’X 7’)

List Price: $299.99
Lowest New Price: $169.99
You save: $130.00 (43.33%)

  • 1 New from $169.99
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • Our awning for patio, windows & balconies is the affordable answer to overheated sunshine or upsetting rain. It protects you from UV and rain, providing you all-day care. Steel bars can maintain tough without corrosion even under extreme conditions. Comes with all necessary  ... read more »
  • MONEY SAVER: The CO-Z Patio Shade Awning provides protection from the sun, lowers monthly air conditioning costs, and prevents unnecessary replacement of faded furniture, saving you money over time!
  • UV PROTECTION: Made of specially treated polyester, this awning is completely waterproof and flameproof, and can protect you from harmful UV rays
  • STYLISH AND STURDY: Our awning is beautifully crafted with a white powder coated aluminum alloy frame
  • SHADE ANYWHERE: Ideal for courtyards, patios, windows & balconies
  • RETRACTABLE FOR DAILY USE: Opened size: 10' X 7', ideal for daily home use
  • Size: 10'X 7'
  • Made by CO-Z


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UV Protection Overhead Clear Outdoor Patio Awnings, Window Awnings - GC Global Direct (6.5FT, Black)

List Price: $229.99
Lowest New Price: $89.99
You save: $140.00 (60.87%)

  • 1 New from $89.99
  • 2 Used from $51.25
  • Product Descriptions: Features: Safe, easy and ready to install Mounting hardware is included Great for both residential and commercial usage Easily trim Polycarbonate sheets to your desired widthNot for areas with severe weather conditions Specifications: Black Aluminum Strip:  ... read more »
  • HIGH QUALITY: This high quality awning is made with a 5mm clear hollow polycarbonate sheet, UV protection, and strong plastic alloy brackets.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: This UV protection awning is great for any window or door, designed for rain and light snow. Protects from harmful UV rays.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This DIY awning kit comes with screws and is ready to install over any window or door. Multiple awnings can be installed for wider coverage or easily trimmed to any size to fit your required width.
  • GREAT DESIGN: The stylish and sleek design is great for both residential and commercial usage.
  • WARNING: This product is not for areas with severe weather conditions.
  • Size: 6.5FT
  • Made by GC Global Direct


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MCombo 40"×120" Window Awning Outdoor Polycarbonate Front Door Patio Cover Garden Canopy 6055-4012 (Dark Brown)

Price: $129.90

  • 1 New from $129.90
  • This is our brand new rain awning Specifically designed to resist weathering and rusting, it is installed at the top of the door or window, which provides a safe shelter resisting rain, snow, UV and wind. Features: Ideal For Windows And Balcony Door; Assembly Required.Do-it- ... read more »
  • 40"×120" Window Awning Outdoor Polycarbonate Front Door Patio Cover Garden Canopy
  • Ideal For Windows And Balcony Door. Assembly Required. Do-it-yourself awning kit, easily operation. Artistic, practical, safety and pleasing to the eye design.
  • PC Sun Board-good transmittance, flame resistance, uvioresistant, rain and snow protection, stronger impact resistant ability, light weight, sound insulation. ABS Plastic Brackets-Excellent impact strength, good surface hardness, high abrasion resistance, durable. Aluminum Alloy Fixing Bar-lightweight, anti-rust, high intensity and long life-span.
  • Dark Brown : Black Bracket+Dark Brown Hollow Sheet White : Silver Bracket+Clear Hollow Sheet. Package Includes: 3 × Crystal Hollow PC Sheet; 4 × Brackets; 6 × Fixing Bar(3 frontal, 3 back); 8 × Installing screws Instructions and bolts(4 big, 4 small)
  • Bracket Color: Black/Silver Grey; Hollow Sheet Color: Clear/Dark Brown; Aluminum Stay Color:Black/Silver; Awning dimensions: 40'' x 120''x11''; Awning Cover Material: Polycarbonate; Awning Cover Thickness:0.2''(5mm); Bracket Quantity:4; Fixing Bar Material: Aluminum Alloy; Wall Brackets Material: ABS plastic
  • Made by MCombo


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Advaning PN Series Top Quality Polycarbonate Door Awning 55"W x 31"D, Black

List Price: $184.16
Lowest New Price: $153.38
You save: $30.78 (16.71%)

  • 3 New from $153.38
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • Advaning PN series adds a classic style to a modern concept. Fixed awnings with transparent polycarbonate materials & nylon/fiberglass brackets enhance the exterior aesthetics of homes & businesses. In addition to quality UV protection, Advaning PN series diverts rain & snow away ... read more »
  • Virtually unbreakable solid polycarbonate panel is clear with added UV protection
  • Door awning panel is of 100% bayer virgin raw material solid polycarbonate
  • Light weight nylon brackets are fiberglass reinforced
  • 6061-T3 Grade aluminum Bars
  • Top industry Grade EPDM Grade rubber seal
  • Made by Advaning


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ALEKO 8x2 Burgundy Window Awning Door Canopy 8-Foot Decorator Awning

List Price: $75.00
Lowest New Price: $48.98
You save: $26.02 (34.69%)

  • 7 New from $48.98
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • ... read more »

  • Length: 8 Feet Width: 2 Feet, Color: Burgundy
  • Add a decorative element to your home
  • Excellent sun and rain protection
  • Protect your furnishings from sun's damaging UV rays and keep home cool
  • Ideal for most windows and doors, including sliders
  • Made by ALEKO


More Info

Outsunny Drop Arm Manual Retractable Window Awning, 6-Feet, Cream

Price: $59.99

  • 6 New from $59.99
  • 1 Used from $53.99
  • This 6' Retractable Awning is perfect for anyone who needs shade but doesn't want to take up a lot of room. It requires no electricity, opening and closing quickly and quietly with a simple draw string, much like window blinds. The pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware ... read more »
  • Since it requires no electricity you can hang this awning anywhere you need it, without having to worry about cords, outlets, or batteries
  • Awning opens smoothly and quietly
  • You can mount this awning on walls, above doors, or anywhere you need it
  • The pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware make installation a snap
  • Distance from wall with drop arm: 28"
  • Size: 6-Feet
  • Made by Outsunny


More Info

Diensweek 10'x8' Patio Awning Retractable Manual Commercial Grade,100% 280G Ployester Window Door Sunshade Shelter, Deck Canopy Balcony P100 Series 2 years warranty (10'x8', Green/White Stripes)

List Price: $429.99
Lowest New Price: $249.99
You save: $180.00 (41.86%)

  • 1 New from $249.99
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • Diensweek P100 Series awnings are professionally designed to deliver user-friendly features and superior quality. Quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy using twin 316 grade stainless steel cables ensure corrosion-resistant durability for years to come. All P100 Series awnings come with  ... read more »
  • HIGH-QUALITY STANDARD : Backed with a 2 years warranty and certified CE, GS, and RoHS, this awning is built and tested to be simple to use and durable to last. Residential and commercial use.
  • DURABLE MECHANISM : Build with an entire corrosion resistant T5 grade aluminum frame, and arm - It keeps this manual mechanism safe, easy to adjust, light and robust again structure stress with a wind resident Beauport scale 4.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC : 280g/m² Ployester +PU coating fabric is waterproof, resistant to sun fading, has 80UV+ solar protection and also tested for a wind resistance Beauport scale 4.
  • INCLUDES : Awning, crank handle, 2 mounting brackets, instruction manual and additional mounting hardware - No electricity required, open/close by hand crank.
  • RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION: At least 2.5m height and only on a reinforced concrete wall or massive brickwork. Please ask a professional for different type of wall such as (insulation, double brick, brick facing etc)
  • Size: 10'x8'
  • Made by Great deal forever


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Yescom 39"x 39" Door Window Outdoor Awning Patio Cover UV Rain Snow Protection One-piece Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Price: $52.95

  • 3 New from $52.95
  • Features: - Polycarbonate sheets can easily be trimmed to your required width- Designed for rain and light snow- Can be used for residential and commercial applications- Awnings have good weather resistance, safe, easy and ready to install- Mounting hardware is included- One- ... read more »
  • High quality door awning, 39-3/8" x 39-3/8" x 11", designed for rain and light snow
  • 1/5"(5mm) clear hollow polycarbonate sheet, UV protection and strong plastic alloy brackets
  • Awnings have good weather resistance, safe, easy and ready to install
  • DIY awning kit, can be installed multiple awnings for wider coverage, easily operate
  • Can be used for residential or commercial applications
  • Size: 1mx1m(39-3/8"x39-3/8")
  • Made by Yescom


More Info

Americana Building Products Aluma Vent Louvered End Style Awning, 22 by 22 by 35-Inch

Price: $160.67

  • 1 New from $160.67
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • 22" Height 22" Projection 35" Width Aluma Vent RE Model is manufactured in the USA with a flared louvered side panels to eliminate heat build up under the awning and standard 5" wide clip on panels of aluminum. Strong yet lightweight, this unit will not rust or rot and requires  ... read more »
  • Vertical panels allows air to circulate yet will not leak even during driving rains
  • All units have a white gloss underside to reflect light into room, allowing awning to provide shade while minimizing its darkening effects
  • Clip on panels eliminate noise from rattling parts
  • All aluminum construction is strong yet lightweight and absolutely will not rust or rot
  • Alternating pan and cover roof construction allows inexpensive replacement in the event of damage
  • Size: 22 by 22 by 35-Inch
  • Made by Americana Building Products Inc
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18 ft. SunSetter Motorized XL Retractable Awning - Shade for your Deck or Patio

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